Hart Energy
February 6, 2016
Welcome to the Eagle Ford Directory -- Hart Energy's guide to this exciting region, trending 330 miles across South Texas from Grimes County down to the Rio Grande and ranked as one of North America's premier shale plays.

With drilling concentrated in the oil and condensate window, technology is a game-changer. The Eagle Ford Directory helps you find who is working the region, where they are located, and how to reach them.

It covers E&P companies, midstream, drilling contractors, service and supply companies and more. Whether you are already doing business in the Eagle Ford play or looking to break in, this is the one business resource you can't afford to be without.


  • NEW! Access the directory from your mobile phone or tablet
  • Maps for more than 2,200 company locations
  • Detailed interactive map of the region with oil and gas wells, pipelines, and infrastructure